Men's Sports Shorts - New Zealand

Get physical in a pair of practical and performance-enhancing sports shorts from THE ICONIC. Aerodynamic and streamlined sports shorts are an essential part of an effective gym kit, so invest in impeccably designed workout wear for the optimum in men’s fitness fashion. You’ll discover a range of cuts created for every match and game, from stretchy skins to loose shell styles, and athletic jersey track designs - there’s a pair to suit every exercise.

A breezy and breathable alternative to joggers, our range of expertly constructed sports shorts will help to regulate your body temperature and keep you cool, while improving your freedom of movement during your workout.  The key sportswear heavyweights use innovative design features to run rings around the rest, offering an array of athlete-worthy wear with performance in mind.

Choose the pair to best meet your needs for different gym sessions and competitions. Our selection encompasses everything from moisture-wicking fabrics to contouring compression cuts. Style-conscious runners should opt for bright colours, reflective strips and notice-me prints for pounding the pavement with full visibility, while sport lovers have a selection of second-skin designs that allow you to stretch and compete without restriction. With this offering of fabrics, prints and colours, training’s never looked so good.