Size Guide - Converse

Converse sizing is unique and sneaker specific.

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WOMEN'S AND MEN'S Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers

The Classic Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers are expected to run half a size large.

AU / US MENSAU / US WOMENSUKEUROMeasurements (Inner Footbed)
35335Inner Footbed: 22cm
46436.5Inner Footbed: 23cm
57537.5Inner Footbed: 24cm
68639Inner Footbed: 24.5cm
79740Inner Footbed: 25.5cm
810841.5Inner Footbed: 26.5cm
911942.5Inner Footbed: 27.5cm
10121044Inner Footbed: 28.5cm
11131145Inner Footbed: 29.5cm
12141246.5Inner Footbed: 30.5cm
13151348Inner Footbed: 31.5cm
14161449Inner Footbed: 32cm
15171550Inner Footbed: 33cm
16181651.5Inner Footbed: 34cm

Women's All Star Dainty Sneakers

The Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty usually fits closer to your actual size. They are slightly smaller than the Classic Chuck, being narrower and of a lower profile.

US/AU Women'sUKEUMeasurements (Inner Footbed)
5335.5Inner Footbed: 22cm
6437Inner Footbed: 23cm
7538Inner Footbed: 24cm
85.539Inner Footbed: 25cm
96.540.5Inner Footbed: 26cm
107.542Inner Footbed: 27cm
118.543Inner Footbed: 28cm